Model of a usability test write-up

I wanted to give you a  little bit of an example of how you might write-up your usability test based on our class activity, so here’s my own reflections on the site design I brought in. This is just one way you might do it.

After conducting my usability test today, I realized the following things about my site need some work:

1) The navigation– not so much visually, but in terms of labels and groupings. There are too many buttons, one (at least) is too large compared to the others, and there is no home or contact tab (which are both things the nav really needs to include)

2) The subhead– with the pattern in the back– worked to draw user attention, but I’m not sure I like it. I like the font/design of the subhead, but I think the background of the page itself needs work, because…

3) my contrast, on screen, is okay, but when projected it was awful. If that is extrapolated over to other potential displays, there could be serious problems with the two shades of purple. The green/yellow seems fine, but… I just don’t know if  I actually like what that color says/does. I’m not sure I’m a neon green person.

Otherwise, it seems the site worked fairly well. There were nav labels that didn’t make sense to some of the users, but those were ones that are program specific (and hence meant for a specific audience). I might still change those, but that’s an audience concern to keep in mind for such work– it needs to work for the primary audience first before anything else.

There is also  too much text on the initial part of the page, but that is because I told a story in the blurb instead of just designing what I want to have there.

All in all, not a bad test. The site seemed fairly well received.

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